I'm using Word 2002. (Just reluctantly upgraded from W97, and that's as far as I intend to go, tried 2010, waaaaay too bloated for me.) Everything looks familiar, but there are a couple of quirks that I can't sort out.

The Format Painter does nothing. The icon is there, it even reacts when clicked on, but that's it. And searching Help for 'Format Painter' brings up a list of wholly irrelevant topics, not a mention of the Painter.

The format of a paragraph, i.e. first line indented, is not being passed on to the succeeding paragraph. Not a big deal, but an irritation.

And lastly, for now, when W97 opened a document the cursor was always positioned where it had been when last saved. This isn't happening in W2002, although SHIFT+F5 does work. I seem to remember something about an AutoOpen macro, may have been in Word 6, certainly it isn't mentioned anywhere in Help.

Any suggestions? Thanks.