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    removing duplicate messages (OE 6) (OE 6)

    Does any one have a method for removing duplicate messages from OE 6 folders? I have had to 'merge' two slightly different sets of folders and I now have a lot of folders containing two copies of each individual message. Is there an efficient way to remove them (ie. more efficient than selecting and clicking delete!)

    -Arryn Pidwell

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    Re: removing duplicate messages (OE 6) (OE 6)

    Probably not (that I know of), but if you mean selecting one, deleting it, selecting the next, deleting it, etc there is a slightly quicker way.

    Sort the folder by Subject name or date (anything that will be unique to each message but the same in the duplicates), select the first then hold down Ctrl while you select every other message down the list, then release Ctrl and press delete at the end.

    You may already have thought of this, in which case I apologise, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you hadn't!

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    Beryl M

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