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    Office 2003 updates

    Hey! Win update keeps trying to install office 2003 updates but they fail all the time.... How do I disable those without disabling the other stuff? Why am I even getting those update attemps? I thought support for office2003 was done for?

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    These steps may work for you if you have Office 2003 installed

    You could also have Wordview installed which will attract Office updates, but to hide them, in Windows Updates - click on how many it lists (Important or Recommended - whichever) then with those update boxes checked, right click on each and select Hide and then click OK.

    If there are any remaining, the new total will appear in the previous window.
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    Support for Office 2003 has ended, but the updates for it, up to the time support ended, are still available. I would guess that your installation of Office 2003 is not up to date as at the time support ended, which is why you are still being offered some updates. If the solutions offered in the previous post do not work for you, another option would be to completely uninstall Office 2003 and then re-install it. You would then have a system which is way behind in terms of updates, but these would all be available via Windows Update, and you would eventually get it as up to date as possible - that is assuming that Windows Update on your machine does not have some other problem.

    To continue with Office 2003, you should have it as up to date as possible, and you should also have the Compatibility Pack installed, which will allow you to open the newer file formats such as docx and xlsx. You will also see updates for this.

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