Hi all,

This may turn out to be a YES/NO answer so I will ask the question first and then give my reasons for asking. Question: Can you add a B8550 printer that is shared from another PC to the HP Solution Center?

The particulars: Both PC's running Windows 7 SP1. All up-to-date on all Microsoft updates. Currently the HP B8550 Photosmart printer is connected to my main PC via a USB cable. The B8550 has only the USB connection for installation. I also have an HP 7210 AIO printer. Both the printers appear in the HP Solutions Center. Both work fine. I can print/copy/scan etc with the HP 7210 and print to the B8550 - no problems here.

I recently purchased an new HP PC to upgrade an old IBM system rrunning Window XP, since the IBM was too old and not upgradable. I installed the HP 7210 software and driver no problem. I set up the B8550 on the first PC as a shared printer and then added a new TCPIP port using the system network name and shared name of the HP 8550. When I installed the HP 7210 on the new PC it added the HP gadget that allows you to print just by dragging the file over the gadget and releasing it. That also works with the B8550 to print pictures, however the installation will not connect the B8550 to the HP Control Center where I can monitor the state of the printer and ink. It seems that capability will only work if the printer is directly connected to the new PC via the USB cable. I have tried creating "fake" USB port and connecting the shared name to it, but the Add Device sequence (the software install created an icon for the process on the desktop) does not recognize that the printer is there on even exists. And before you ask, yes, the printer is powered on and connected to the first PC.

I have tried searching on HP's help site, but nothing even remotely applicable comes up. I have also tried Google searches, again with no results that are applicable. Most just refer to the HP support forum.

As I stated, it is probably a YES/NO answer, but I always have enjoyed pushing the envelope. Besides I have a laptop that could use the configuration if I can get it to work.

Thanks in advance. I have monitored this Lounge ever since subscribing to Windows Secrets newsletter and have learned a lot from it. I hope someone can suggest an approach that I have not tried.