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    F9 problem

    Been downloaded into Office 2013. My F9 key is my problem. Work in medical office, so have lots of "templates" or "normals" that I just pull up and fill in the blank. F9 took me to where I wanted to go without hesitation ... but now in 2013, the new updated version is making me batty. Keep in mind I type all my doctors dictation in mass in Word, spell check in mass and then transfer to our in office computer system. (I know this sounds cumbersome, but don't have room here to explain WHY it must be done this way.) When I pull up the template the original symbol is no longer there. [ ] All I can see if the template or the "normal" and have to guess that all the spaces are covered. (I use the visual of the [ ] to make sure that I have filled in all the blanks.) Also, when I pull up the template, it takes me, of course, to the end of the template ... then would shift F9 to go back to the field I wanted to start typing in. Doesn't do this either ... takes me to the top of the page and makes me toggle down through ALL that are on the page. (keep in mind I could have 50 pages if my docs have a good full day. So, what am I doing wrong. I am aready wasting enough time on the new and improved version that is taking me 1 1/2 times longer to do quite a few of the previous functions. Any help will be appreciated. Sorry if I sent this twice but I couldn't tell if it went or not.
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    By default F9 updates the selected fields. Your problem is not well described but it sounds like F9 was used for something else on your previous machine. This customised behaviour was probably stored in a template - did you move your old templates across to the current system?

    If the document no longer has the [square brackets] then perhaps your 'template' is not the same template you used to use on the previous machine.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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