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    Unable to open Word documents

    Just for Info:

    I recently changed my hardware (laptop), Win 7 to Win7, and transferred my data.
    ALL my Word documents 'permissions' now show 'Account unknown (S-1-5-21 ... ) i.e. I assume that refers to my previous laptop.
    The only problem I encountered was with Word .doc files which had only been saved on 'Desktop'.
    These files would not allow me access, even though 'permissions' showed that I had all access boxes 'ticked' for 'system' +'myself' + 'S-1-15 )
    Those .doc files in 'My Documents' were unaffected and opened normally.
    The solution was to turn off UAC, reboot, then the affected files would open.
    Then open/save the affected file with a similar name, delete the original, UAC back on, reboot, and all now normal.
    Luckily not too many Word files on my Desktop!!!

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    Tell me please what edition of Word you use?

    Best regards

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    IIRC the 'Account unknown' scenario typically occurs because the folders were created under a different user profile that has now been deleted. The simplest solution may be to create new folders with the same names on an external drive, transfer the files to them, then delete the files & folders from the HDD. Once you've done that, you should be able to re-copy the files & folders from the external drive. Of course, you'll have to start at whatever the top-level folder is with the 'Account unknown' property.

    This has nothing to do with the Word version, so there's no need for you to supply anything about that.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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