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    Event manager database

    I have Access 2000. I am trying to create a very simple database to assign volunteers for events. The example I got with Access is much too complicated and I have gotten totally confused trying to adapt it. Here is what I want.
    I want a table with the volunteer information. I want a table with the event information. I want a table with the different times the volunteers will work, which will vary depending on the event. I think I need another table to link up the volunteer information and event tables, but I'm not sure.
    From this I want to create a form with a subform that shows the volunteer and the various events he has volunteered for. I also want a form with a subform that shows an event and all the volunteers working on it with their times.
    Finally, I want to create a report showing the event with the volunteers sorted by their start time. Since most people don't have Access, I want to be able to export it to Word or Excel, which I don't think is difficult to do.
    Can anybody help me or send me an example of what I want? I figure it isn't that difficult, but I lack the expertise.

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    Let's start with the database design first. Click on the image to expand it.


    I hope I've accommodated all your criteria and keep in mind this is a simplistic diagram. You can add detail as needed.

    First I would have an Event table that contains the basic info about the event. Next would be an Event Schedule. This is where you breakout your "sessions" whether it be one session, multiple sessions across one day, or multiple sessions across several days. I should have included a session description in this table.

    You have your Volunteer table with each volunteer's information and where all the action is would be in the Volunteer Schedule table. This is the place you pick the session and assign the volunteer to it.

    I believe this design will allow flexibility in generating any sort of report that you require; Listing of Volunteers by event, listing of events by volunteer, lisitng of volunteers by session, and so on.
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