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    Reimage - Forum Feedback

    Too Late For Me! I too, thought Reimage was 'endorsed' by Windows Secret and ordered it.

    Had my computer scanned in wee hours of morning - Had a problem downloading and called Support.
    Was told computer great except for 'stability'. Was helped remotely and shown all these yellow warning triangles and red errors (over 2000) on my computer. Was told there should only be about 5-6 errors. Was directed to take my computer to a 'reputable tech' to have corrected.
    Was reluctant, so it was suggested Reimage could fix these problems remotely, but they usually only do this for 'businesses'. The nice young gentleman said he'd check upstairs to see if there was anything that could be done for me.
    - Fortunately there was a tech available that could correct these problems remotely as they had some spare time. The price for this would be $299.
    - I consulted husband who asked why I was getting anything fixed when my computer seemed to be working fine.
    -I explained I'd downloaded Reimage for claims made to put files right & remove residual bits from old programs I'd tried to uninstall.
    - I finally told the young fellow I'd have to think it over and would call back.
    - I was told "there may not be any techs with spare time as was available now - as this remote work was only done for businesses".
    - So we said goodbye & I was reminded to take my computer in to a reputable tech to do an "OTR - an Infection Suite - Trace Damage Removal and Full System Tune Up. Also a Full System Tune up should be done twice a year.

    So if this is some kind of scam - I too wish 'Windows Secrets' would not have had the AD at the top of their Newsletter - as I too thought I was getting help from a Windows Secret 'approved Company'.

    I too paid via PayPal $74.00 Cdn. - so from what I read posted by Windows Secret 'Loungers' here - I've just lost my money ??
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    I said it before - an advert is an advert, it is not, in any way an endorsement of a given product.

    Anyone asking that amount of money to fix your computer, is ripping you off. This statement is of my own responsibility. If someone wants to fix errors you weren't even aware of (and thus, most likely, aren't causing you any issues), think twice before allowing access to your computer. If in doubt, come here and ask for feedback on your situation.

    This said, some users seem to be happy with ReImage. Personally, I wouldn't buy it. Windows has enough mechanisms to recover from most situations, even if you have to resort to a non destructive reinstall. Those resources, coupled with regular backups and a baseline image, taken immediately after a Windows installation, or a Windows repair, should be enough to deal with most situations that can occur. Of course, this also implies the use of decent security software, to prevent malware infections.

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