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    How do you protect cells in Excel so no one can over type them

    How do you protect cells in Excell so no one can over type them i.e 2 X 60 = 120 how do i protect the cell with 60 in it

    2 60 120
    3 70 210
    4 80 320

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    I believe it's as easy as right clicking the cell, Select "Format Cells" from the pop-up menu, select the "Protection" tab in the dialog, then check whether you want the cell locked and/or hidden. After all that you will need to protect the sheet. You can do that by selecting the Review menu item then clicking the "Protect Sheet" item. Just fill in the desired properties in the subsequent dialog.
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    Here's an excerpt from an Excel XP course I wrote that covers the concepts on cell protection. Granted the illustrations use the command structure from Excel XP but the concepts are the same only the location of the command trees have changed. HTH
    Excel XP Introduction & Database Course.pdf
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    As Bender states, locking a cell has no effect unless you protect the sheet. To avoid the process of formatting the cells as protected one by one, while holding down the ctrl key, click on each cell you wish to protect highlighting them all. Right click on one of them then follow Benders instructions. If you leave the password field blank when protecting the sheet, you will not need a password when it comes time to unprotect it.

    Be careful if you are using VBA code that manipulates locked cells. The code will fail if provisions to unlock the cells are not coded to execute prior to the manipulation. As an alternative, tThe use of the Worksheets(worksheet).Protect UserInterFaceOnly:=True in the Worksheet_Open routine will allow the code to operate on locked cells when the sheet is protected.


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