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    "Automatic" font color producing white-on-white (Word 2010)

    Hi folks,

    I'm inserting a series of callouts into a Word document via Insert-->Shapes. I've changed the default settings so the Shape Fill color for the text box portion of each callout is white (why did MS pick blue, anyway?). The Text Fill color is set to "Automatic," but each box is inserted with white text. Why is Word choosing white as the text color instead of black? How can I change this so the default comes out with black text on white background?

    I've attached a sample document here with a couple of callouts. Try inserting a "Line Callout1" shape and see what I mean.


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    I don't know why Word is not smart enough to work this out for you but it appears that both the shape fill and the text colour are using the 'Background 1' colour in the color theme. If you change the theme to one that doesn't use white in the very first colour position (Background 1) you will see the difference.

    It appears that Word can't work out the correct 'automatic' colour in callouts so it simply expects you to use a dark fill colour so it can apply the first position in the theme colours. The definition of 'automatic' has always been pretty dodgy so I am not overly surprised by this behaviour.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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