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    Start-up failure

    Ah ain't nevvah seed nothin' like this b'fore. My wife called tech support this morning, "Hey, Daniel, why is the welcome thingie still going round and round after 5 minutes?" That was the last I saw of Windows (7 home).

    Further trouble shooting got me lots of trouble. When I pulled the data cable off the back-up drive, it failed to boot because of a "missing device" (it said). Then it just failed to boot and failed to open the CD drive tray. After I manually popped the drive tray to insert the boot CD, the tray was not closed electrically on start, I can no longer feel the lock lever with the paper clip and can't open the drawer with my finger nails.

    In all my years of messing with these things, i have never encountered this kind of behavior. This mobo is over 8 years old, maybe older.

    Thank CLiNT I just re-rigged her backup and wrote a copy of her bak file to a recently installed 3T drive in my box two days ago. I suspect her drives are OK but better to be safe.
    Dan Lynch
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    Does sound like a mobo or power supply issue - my money is on power as it's the most highly stressed, all those nasty voltages and spikes. Good luck with fixing such an ageing beast.

    cheers, Paul

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