I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 with Sony Architect and am trying to edit a compilation of some video strips from a DVD that appear to have been produced with multiple microphones and then writen on the DVD in multiple tracks. When I input this into Vegas, I am told there are multiple tracks of audio and do I want to convert them to stereo or handled them as 5:1 audio. Either option, I seem to end up with the same result - that being that the edited DVD video has a badly muffled audio on one of the video strips, but only when played with a DVD/VHS player connected to my TV. The remaining strips play just fine. I can play this bad strip on the computer with Microsoft Media Player, or on my portable DVD video player and the audio is okay. I can see the waveform for the audio from this strip in Vegas and Architect, and also play it back in either of them just fine. The bad track looks the same as the good tracks. I am at a loss as to what is wrong and also what to do about it. I am not an audio editor, so really do not know what I should be looking for in the media or why is doesn't play correctly on the TV attached DVD player. The original DVD has the same problem with the audio. Anyone have any ideas?