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    Spontaneous restart after sleep

    Optiplex 755; Win 7 Pro

    My computer has suddenly started to spontaneously restart after it comes out of sleep. I've reinstalled Windows several times, using different source disks. The problem persists even before installing any other software. This suggests that this is a hardware problem.

    I've checked the power supply voltages, and they're spot on. Overheating doesn't appear to be proble.

    I've run out of ideas. All suggestions welcome.

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    Have you run any RAM tests? See Diagnosing memory problems on your computer.


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    edit: Upon rereading your original post I am understanding you are not getting a spontaneous wake event, you are getting a reboot upon initiating rewaking. That could definitely be memory. Could also be PSU (likely) or some other component. Do you have a graphics card installed (if yes, model?)? Is this waking from RAM or waking from storage drive?

    While running a diagnostic memory tester is a okay first step because it is easily performed be forewarned that the app 64-bit Windows comes with is a 32-bit one and only capable of testing up to 4Gb of RAM. If you have more RAM than that you will want to boot up and use recent free 64-bit versions of either memtest86 or memtest86+.

    Or remove all but 4Gb of RAM and test and then remove the RAM and swap in the other RAM and test. This is actually a better memory testing procedure because the odds of two or four sticks of RAM being bad are very remote. By running with a single stick and demonstrating the problem remains or disappears you either rule out RAM or ID the stick responsible respectively.

    Sleep/wake problems are just about the most common complaints.

    I would wonder how you tested your PSU? I presume the PC is not on a UPS?

    My first suspicion would be your mouse. If it has become too sensitive vibration can wake the system. Turn off waking on mouse movement/clock and see if it goes away. If so, clean mouse, adjust settings or replace.

    Here is a good list of things to try.

    Look at what last waked your PC up:
    Quick Guide for last wake-up (Does not show Time or Date)


    Full Guide wake-up source showing (Date and Time) in event viewer


    Hopefully this helps you whip it. If not I have a rather voluminous amount of additional possibilities. Let us know how it turns out.
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