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    Thrips (Thunderflies) inside LCD screen


    Today, I experienced for the first time a small "bug" on my screen. I tried to scratch it on the screen just to figure it was crawling under the protecting cover of the screen.
    I believed then that it was sort of a virus or a joke but my research on the web found many occurrences of this phenomenon.
    It seems to be a thrips, a small fly, about 2 mm long, 1/2 mm wide and must be quite flexible!

    I was unable to direct the thrips to the side of the screen, even by using a small succion cup as some people recommend. (forum on "Thrips/Thunderflies in Laptop LCD")
    I've been struggling with it for 2 hours now. Sometimes it rests, then it moves back.
    It is now stuck Under the Windows Secrets Logo (RIP).

    As it's not a part of the electronic screen, you cannot see it with a screen capture (so not a joke or a virus) but you see it on a photo of the screen.

    Has anyone of you enjoyed this kind of conpanionship?
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    Read about Thirps here.
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