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Thread: Date Question

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    Date Question

    I am using Excel 2016. When pasting a date into a cell and doing a format of the cell to date *3/12/2017, the month and day were transposed. For example the pasted value is 3/2/2017. After the format action, the date value was 2/3/2017. Has anyone an idea of why this happened? TIA

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    Americans were allowed to have their own date format so we never know what is the day and what is the month. Excel makes an assumption about the format you use when entering the date and when you format the date Excel uses that format instead.
    You enter the date and Excel assumes m/d/yyyy (2/3/2017).
    Change the cell format to d/m/yyyy and you get 3/2/2017.

    cheers, Paul

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    So cell date formats that start with the asterisk * respond to the current windows regional date settings on that computer. This is useful if you share files across different regions.

    So, if I have a spreadsheet in the UK with a column of dates that are formatted with *3/14/2001 (Excel2010), these dates will appear as UK format on my system here (dd/mm/yyyy), but if I send thatworkbook to RG in the States, he will see that column of dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.

    When you save a workbook in csv format, the exported dates will be 'as displayed'. So if I open that csv file in Notepad, I would see those dates as per my UK format i.e. dd/mm/yyyy.
    ..but if you then open that csv file in Excel in the USA, it will treat any UK dates later than the 12th of the month, e.g like 25/12/2017, as text, since there is no 'month' 25 etc etc


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