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    Mail Merge Directory Confused!

    Hi All,

    I have seen there is a sticky for mail merges but it is very long and I have a deadline I am trying to reach so I thought I would just give this a go.

    I am trying to create a Directory Mail Merge.

    My data is set-up in Excel as follows with three columns, formatted as a table:

    Account - Title - Price
    JOHN001 - Book1 - 45
    JOHN001 - Book2 - 23
    JOHN001 - Book3 - 19
    MIKE004 - Book1 - 33

    I followed the Microsoft tutorial for the code, using CTRL + F9 etc. EXACTLY as it shows on this link under the first example:

    This is it:

    { IF { MERGESEQ } = "1" "{ MERGEFIELD Account }
    " "" }{ SET Place1 { MERGEFIELD Account }}
    { If { Place2 } <> { Place1 }"
    { MERGEFIELD Account }

    { MERGEFIELD Title } { MERGEFIELD Price }" "{ MERGEFIELD Title } { MERGEFIELD Price }" }{ SET Place2 { MERGEFIELD Account }}

    I just want to see if it will work, I can personalise the text around the fields later.... but it doesn't work.

    Currently, I am getting a single line, as:

    "Book1 45"

    And that is it...

    Is this because the tutorial is for Office 2010, and I am using 2013? Because I can't imagine any other reason as I have meticulously checked it is an exact replica of what is in the tutorial, 100% certain every {} has been added with Ctrl + F9, and the table is arranged exactly the same way as in the example.

    Please help me out

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    Is this because the tutorial is for Office 2010, and I am using 2013?
    I don't have a solution for the problem but as to the question, it's quite possible as newer versions can have sometimes minor changes and sometimes major changes. Most changes won't be in the basics but in the more advanced features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Stokes View Post
    Is this because the tutorial is for Office 2010, and I am using 2013?
    No. The tutorial includes Word 2013 as well. I don't know why you'd think it's for Office 2010 - it currently spans all Office versions from 97 to 2013, though the 'Applies to' lists only:
    • Microsoft Word 2013
    • Microsoft Word 2010
    • Microsoft Office Word 2007
    • Microsoft Word 2002

    My tutorial ( likewise spans all Office versions from 97 to 2013.

    Your problem description suggests you're just previewing the merge instead of finishing it. As my tutorial says, Previews are not reliable indicators of the merged output.
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