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    how were these sample checkboxes created? (W97 sr2a)

    HIya -

    I was given this attached document with sample checkboxes & I would like to know how they were created.
    I am referring to the checkboxes located at the top half of the document.

    When I enable show fieldcodes
    the following is displayed:
    {CONTROL Forms.CheckBox.1 s }

    I've worked with field codes in the past but haven't come across this field code.
    Any idea how the checkboxes were created?
    Thanks in advance - Diana
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    Re: how were these sample checkboxes created? (W97 sr2a)


    I think from the Control Toolbox. View, Toolbars, Control toolbox. Click on the blue set square icon to switch between design and run mode. In design mode, you can right click on a control to change its properties; double click to open its associated macro click event.
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