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    Making a touch screen useful in Windows 7

    My work computer is a laptop with a touch screen, and runs Windows 7. I've found the touch screen helpful. I can select windows and click controls, scroll, and in many applications (but not all) I can zoom in and out with the thumb-and-finger "pinch" gesture.

    There's just one thing I'd like to do but can't: point to things on the screen more precisely than a finger allows. I've devised the following plan for accomplishing that.

    When I touch the screen, a Windows add-on determines how many touchable points are close enough to the point I actually touched that I may have meant to touch them. If there's just one, it proceeds as if I touched that point, even if I didn't hit it exactly. If there's more than one it opens a "magnifying glass" window that shows the possible touchable points at a scale that allows me to select the one I want. When I touch one, it closes the magnifying glass window and proceeds.

    Has anyone implemented something like this?

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    It sounds impossible to me (for an add-on to determine "touchable points" from apps or OS).


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    I agree with Bruce. What is the name of that add-on?
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