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    Security (Access 2000)

    I have a client who is using Office 97, but has installed Access 2000. When I try and run the Security Wizard - I go through the entire process - but the system hangs (Task Manage - Access Not Responding). Does this have to do with 2 different versions of Workgrp Admin? How could I resolve.

    Since this didn't work I tried adding security the old fashion way - User and Group Accounts/Permissions. But, this seemed to put the logon box/passwords on every database on the pc!!

    The info in the db isn't top secret, we just want to prevent some users from being able to update/delete records. The only other thing I can think to do is create 2 dbs, linked to the same tables, each db having different versions of a form allowing different different permissions.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Re: Security (Access 2000)

    When you install Access 2000, it installs its own version of System.mdw, which is different from the 97 version, and which is probably installed in a different location. You should also have wound up with two different versions of WRKGADM.EXE. On my machine, the 97 versions of those files were installed in System32, while the 2000 version of System.mdw was installed in Program FilesCommon FilesSystem and WRKGADM.EXE was installed in Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1033.

    You should use the appropriate set of files for each version.

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