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    Relative links from Excel to Word

    I tried to follow macropod's advice at but could not get it to work for me. Please help!!

    two word docs that link to cells in an Excel file in the same directory. On their own, they work. However, I want to have this same trio of files in seperate directories for each branch of the library system where I work. When I copy the files to these directories, the links go back to the original file. I would like them to go only to the excel file in the same directory.

    The link looks like { LINK Excel.Sheet.12 \\\\TPDC\\Users\\me\\Outreach\\OutreachSpreadsheet .xlsx KG!R31C3 \a \f 4 \h } (directory names changed). I tried adding '/ /' as I thought he intended to leave { LINK Excel.Sheet.12 / /OutreachSpreadsheet.xlsx KG!R31C3 \a \f 4 \h } but the files did not update.

    Can anybody help me fix this?


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    I don't know what you're doing, but it doesn't have any apparent connection with the advice in the Relative Links thread. It seems like you might be trying to do this through field coding, which the thread says cannot be done with LINK fields...

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