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    Recommended anti-virus software?

    jwitalka answered a specific question for me and when I tried to respond but Lounge wouldn't let me. Anyhow, this was the question I had:

    Thank you for helping confirm my feelings abt PCMatic. I deleted PCMatic on the NC machine and installed Norton 360 and will do the same immediately on the FL PC when I return to FL (it is currently off). I had bought a 3 installation pack of Norton 360 on Amazon and when it installs, it's good for a year from install date.

    NOW, is Norton 360 rated OK or not? I logged on today to see what you Super Moderators had to say about it (or what I should really be using). I cannot find any conversation on it for some reason.

    Thank you so much for all your advice as I have had a fair amt of trouble when I converted from good old Win XP to Win 7 last Fall.

    Paulbyr in NC

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    Norton is acceptable particularly as part of a defense in depth solution. The big security vendors suites used to be resource hogs but the vendors have done a good job in reducing the resource usage in the last several iterations. Note: YMMV (your mileage may vary).


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    Provided that your software is all mainstream and you aren't first to grab the latest version/update, Norton should be fine, providing the PC users exercise caution.

    If you check the logs and see that Norton has 'saved' you from some issue, start researching, as any heuristics are based on guesswork, not factual evidence.

    Many other security vendors are just as bad, as is IE's SmartScreen feature - 'if it ain't popular, it must be blocked' - is a common tactic. Given that it's the popular software that are the primary infection targets for malware, you need to consider whether that's the best tactic.

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