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    VIA« VT2021 codec for 5 speakers with green wire and blue wire

    I have Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard with VIA VT2021 codec that has 3 connections for built-in sound in the back. I have 5 speaker system with 2 wire connections. I configured it for 5.1 stereo and it plays all 5 speakers - 2 front, 2 rear and 1 sub on When I play CDs or play music on the computer recorded from CDs, only the front 2 speakers and the sub play. The speakers are Altec Lansing ALW0029812, 92119, C252. I just got the computer back with a new motherboard and the drivers are all installed.
    Anyone have an idea of what is wrong and how I fix it?

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    Check your audio settings, to get 5.1 from mono or stereo something must be converting it

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