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    Changing case (97)

    Several of my students have entered a large amount of data in an Excel sheet but used a capital letter for the first letter rather than throughout for a particular field. For example, they have typed Bridge instead of BRIDGE as required by their assignment.

    They will give me a really hard time if I ask them to retype the cells! Fiddling around in each cell is not acceptable either to try and change letters there. One solution is to copy the offending items into Word, using Format / Change case there and then copying and pasting it all back. Another would be to utilise an all caps type of font but I don't know if there's an acceptable one on their machines. I feel that there simply must be a way to change case in Excel a la Word. I just don't know it. Could someone out there please give me a hand?

    Comments to the effect that I shouldn't be teaching Excel with my level of knowledge can be taken as read!

    Thank you.

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    Re: Changing case (97)

    this may be of some help - I think there are a few more threads on the subject if they do not help you.

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    Re: Changing case (97)

    The quickest and easiest way to change the data is as follows:

    1. Insert a new column next to the data to be modified.
    2. If Bridge is in Cell A4, Place your Cursor in B4
    3. Press your Paste function (fX) key
    4. Select the Upper Function (In Text or All) and select OK
    5. In the Box, type A4 or Select Cell A4 and Press OK. The Data in Cell B4 will be set to BRIDGE
    6. Copy this formula through down column B next to the data to be changed.
    7. Once column B has all of the correct data in Caps, Select Column B (highlight the column), Select Copy, Place the Cursor in B1, Select Paste Special and then Select the Values Radio Button. Select OK. This replaces the formulas in Column B to values.
    8. Copy the Data in Column B to Column A and you are done.

    Note: This should take less then a minute to make the changes. Good Luck.

    (It's been a while!)

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