OK, I have an Epson XP-400. It works great. It prints perfectly and I can print from my two laptops, one desktop, and IPad.

Well, I recently bought a Chromebook. I was able to add this Cloud Ready Printer to google cloud services. My chromebook recognizes the printer via the cloud and it prints just fine. However, every time I want to print, I get a notice that it needs to upgrade the firmware in order to print. I can ignore this and click on print and it then prints just fine. I then get an email from google telling me it could not print because it needs a firmware upgrade. Hence my question:

I am very tempted to ignore this issue. The printer works just fine in all aspects that I require. My fear is that I upgrade and it messes up the printer (obviously I am an experienced Windows user!). Is this fear totally unfounded? Should I upgrade? I assume we are not talking security issues here, so if it ain't broke (apparently) should I fix it?