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    Win 8.1 and partition management

    I have a fairly new ASUS desktop that came with Win 8 (now 8.1 fully updated). I need to tweak its partitions and would love some suggestions on the best way to do it. It is a 1 TB drive broken up as follows (in this order):
    - 800 MB Recovery partition
    - 260 MB EFI System partition
    - 149.66 GB Windows C:
    - 350 MB Recovery partition
    - 759.21 GB D:
    - 21.14 GB recovery partition
    I want to shrink the D: and expand C:. The native win tools don't appear to be able to do that. So I've searched for apps that can do it and found four that all sound good.

    Acronis Disk Director 12 - The Win 8 version was recently released. I've used it in the past and been happy, but it costs a few bucks. I don't tweak partitions often. Is it worth $25?

    Then there are the free offerings:

    Gparted - It gets good reviews and is free, but the reviews give it a caveat of being a bit tricky to use.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard - Again, good reviews.

    And last, Easeus Partition Master Home Edition - Great reviews

    All of them sound good (always do a complete backup before partitioning) and would meet my needs.

    Do you folks know of any gotcha's for any of these? Which do you suggest, or do you have something else that is better?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Brian. I'd suggest you go with either MiniTool Partition Wizard or Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. I've been using both for many years now, and they're excellent disk managers. I've used them for multi-booting, reformatting, expanding and shrinking. They are very easy to use, and as long as you have a backup of your stuff, you'll find these two perfect for the job.

    I've never had the chance of using GParted, so I can't vouch for its reliability. And no, it's not worth spending $25 if you don't use partitioning software often. Acronis is great, but when there are excellent free options, you should consider those. Either of the last 2 programs can get the job done with a minimal amount of fuss.
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    I have used Parted Magic which includes GParted for quite a few years and it has always done a good job. It has a graphical interface. It used to be free but now they charge around $5 for it. You download the ISO and burn it to a CD and boot from it.

    The biggest 'gotcha' is properly identifying drives. Linux doesn't use drive letters in the same sense as Windows; i.e, your C: drive under Windows will probably show up as sda1. Once you understand how partitions are identified, Gparted is very easy to use.

    I will say that moving a partition takes a fairly long time. It may be faster to back up the partition you want to move, delete it, then re-create it with the desired size, and restore.

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    Pretty certain Win8.1 can already do that non-destructively.

    Of course, back up your drive image before doing any procedure that messes with the partitions.

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    Brian, any of the backup software U mention will be acceptable but if this is not something U do frequently consider the Macrium Reflect Free as I did (see my query & results above). It is also my understanding that the partitioning app that comes with 8.1 is reliable. Let us know how it goes.

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    I use Aomei backerupper pro it is excellent for imaging drives and partitioning.
    Aomei partition assistant is also excellent.
    Both are available in functional free editions too!
    Highly recommended.

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    Make sure you have backups prior to proceeding with any partition manipulations.
    MiniTool Partition Wizard I have used many times without issue.,
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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