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    W7 partitions and new SSD

    I run W7 SP1 Home Premium on a desktop with 2 hard-drives. One is the original 74 gig drive that I now use for just image backups. The newer one is 500 Gig. I have the OS in 1 partition; and 3 other partitions on that drive: 1 for data; 1 for Windows Live Mail; and 1 for storage - data I want that hardly ever changes.

    My questions have to do with an SSD I would like to get:
    What would be an optimum set-up - a larger SSD with the OS and the other 3 partitions on it, and the 500 gig drive for images; or, a smaller SSD with the OS and programs on it; and the 3 partitions on the big drive?
    Or, maybe some other configuration?

    Would all these other partitions make it harder to migrate the OS to the SSD, such that there's things I should do before adding the SSD to my desktop?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    I use a small SSD (60GB) for Windows and my documents, including mail, pictures and music etc are on a mechanical drive, as are backups.

    Whatever arrangement you go for you should clone partition 1 to the SSD, then remove the hard disk before attempting to boot Windows. This prevents bad things happening to your data if the clone isn't happy.

    cheers, Paul

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    Using a smaller SSD for Windows is probably the best bet, mainly because smaller SSDs cost less. Also, for most users Windows is probably the only program that can benefit from the performance boost of an SSD (unless you use programs like AutoCAD or have many games). Therefore, to reduce clutter and increase performance, I think it's best to only install Windows on an SSD. Use a 500 GB or 1TB HD for your data and programs.
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    I have been using 256 GB SSDs on my laptops for the last 2 years. I wouldn't go without one now and the price has been going down. Just checked the price for a 256 GB on Crucial and it can go for as little as $116, which makes them even more attractive. Even 512 GB SSDs are becoming quite reasonable - $225-$250 can get you one.
    With SSDs, you don't really want the disk too full or near capacity, really, so getting one that doesn't get too full will be a better option, drive longevity wise.

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