My home network comprises three PCs running Win98 and a nifty (IIMSS) little Addron switching hub. The network is on NetBEUI, ICS is on TCP/IP, I access the Internet through a Dial-up connection (56K modem).

I have removed the ICS (protocol) bound to NetBEUI, removed the NetBEUI protocol bound to the ICS adapter, and disabled (unchecked the binding for) "File and Print Sharing for MS Networks" for the TCP/IP (shared) protocol bound to the Dial-up adapter. Whew. Is this set-up secure? I see the modem lights blinking even when I'm not receiving or sending any pages, and sometimes the PC re-connects without any prompting -- hence my worries.

If there is a better set-up, please reply to my slightly earlier post. Thanks in advance.