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    Trouble with Windows Movie Maker tasks

    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble with two things. Mainly #1 below.

    #1 - I have a 20 minute clip and needed the middle 10 (so had to shave 5 min. off either end). But something about splitting the clip at 5 then at 15 minutes, and then deleting the first of the now-three clips and the third of the now-three clips has made it so I can't create the movie. This is my first time using WMM. I trimmed them using the split feature and then a second time I tried by just dragging the double red arrow on the timeline. Neither worked and I'm so frustrated because I have my bumpers ready, great background music, etc. Just want to get this thing published .

    #2 - I tried following the instructions to add a logo to the video and I swear I'm doing everything correctly but when I go to "Titles and Credits", the logo doesn't show up in the list. I checked my work against five other websites and have no idea what is going on...

    I would be so grateful if someone could please help me and give me their expertise on this.



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    Which version of Windows are you using, please? Some features of MovieMaker change with different versions of Windows.

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