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    Default Toolbars (A97)

    Is there some setting in Access to show the appropriate toolbar at the right time? E.g., when I do a print preview, I want to show the print preview toolbar.

    Coding this seems like too much hassle, and I thought that in PP view that if I selected the PP toolbar, it would always show it whenever I opened the report it would show the same toolbar, which it does, for a while until for some unknown (to me) reason it no longer appears.

    One of those little things that have always bugged me!

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    Re: Default Toolbars (A97)

    You can always set the toolbar property of the report to use the print preview toolbar. The same is true of Forms, they have properties that allow you to specify the particular menubar, toolbar, and even shortcut menu you want to have available when the object is on the screen. Be aware though, that the properties don't work in a runtime application. In that case, you have to use DoCmd.ShowToolbar <toolbar name> to make a particular toolbar active.

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