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    scrolling issue with IE 5 (5.5 sp1)

    Has anybody ever had an issue with the scroll bar "lagging" behind the mouse wheel? When I scroll in IE (smooth scrolling is set to off), the scroll bar doesn't keep up with the mouse wheel.

    When I use Netscape 4.7x, I don't have this problem. I have a Dell GX110 that has 256Meg RAM and an add-in video card with a nvidia tnt2 chip set. I don't have this scrolling issue on my Dell laptop with Win98SE and IE. I am wondering if it's a video driver issue. I find the "lag" very iritating and unfortunately it also occurs in Netscape 6.2.

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    Re: scrolling issue with IE 5 (5.5 sp1)

    Try dropping the hardware acceleration for your video driver down a notch or two:

    Control Panel | Display Properties | Settings Tab | Advanced | Performance Tab | Slide hardware acceleration slider down one or two notches.

    I know that solves many of these problems... If I remember correctly the GX110 is nutorious for these types of issues...

    Hope this helps!
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