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    Excel Chart copying

    Help! I have added new sheets to an excel workbook and copied templates that are existing sheets in the workbook to the new sheets. The existing sheets had some bar charts on them and now that I have copied them to the new sheets, I have a problem. When I try to change the source data series on the charts on the new sheets, I get a window telling me that there is not enough memory; however, when I try to change the source data series on the charts on the old sheets, I have no problems. I can't figure out what's wrong!!!

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    Re: Excel Chart copying


    I guess the Charts are pointing to the old workbook. Try and do a Find and replace.

    1) save the workbook.
    2)Close all windows.
    3) Restart your PC
    4) Close all windows/applications that started.
    5) Launch Excel all by it self.
    6) Open the workbook in question and do the find and replace.

    Make sure you have all the names that you had in the old workbook.

    Good luck and may the force be with you.

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