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    Hi, I am having trouble while trying to uninstall PC Optimizer Pro

    Hello guys,

    I just could not get rid of the Pro and other crap in the programs list. My xp sp3 said that "An error occured blah". And I still see Pro related stuff on my computer!

    What to do then?

    thank you!
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    I assume that you have already tried clicking on yes? Try reinstalling and then uninstalling the program again. If that doesn't work, create a Restore Point. Go to Start>Run and type regedit to open the Registry Editor. Under the edit tab, use Find and Find next to find all the entries relating to PC Optimiser Pro and delete them. Its a slow job as you can only find one at a time and the Registry is a very large file. If you're not sure of an entry, ignore it as deleting the wrong one can damage the OS (hence the need for a Restore Point). To speed things up, you can use Registrar Registry Manager (free Home Edition) which finds everything in one pass.

    Always check for bundled unwanted extras when downloading and installing any new software and be sure to decline them. Use custom install when it’s available.

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    These sort of programs are best uninstalled in Safe Mode so they don't have any files in use.

    I use IOBit Uninstaller which has Deep Scan and File Shredder options and while it can leave the odd empty folder, it removes all of the relevant files

    If you decide to use this program, keep your eyes open for any other bundled software boxes to uncheck such as for Advanced System Care, as you don't want to be swapping one program for another.

    If Optimizer Pro is no longer listed in Programs and Features then use your restore points prior to when you first attempted to uninstall it so that it will be reinstated.
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    I would recommend the freeware version of Revo Uninstaller...

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    Feeling Optimized now are we?

    Fortunately RetiredGeek just posted a helpful link for you.

    BTW, if none of the above (like Revo) complete removes it use Unlocker to nuke any recalcitrant pieces that refuse to go.
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