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    log on/off

    [img]/w3timages/icons/blush.gif[/img]I run win2k on a single computer, recently it tells me that my sign on(non existent) is incorrect "please check if Caps lock is on". I then have to hit "enter" twice to get on.
    Shortly after that the log off started producing a blue screen with the message power_management_driver missing or courrupt.
    I can live with these but if someone knows a solution I would appreciate it...for either or both
    Thanks and Peace!

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    Re: log on/off

    Kind of sounds like some recently uninstalled software caused the blue screen. As far as the login, you apparently have an invalid password that is being stuffed. That's all that Win2k does at logon, if you opt for single user mode - it sets a flag in the registry to auto-login and hides the password prompt from you.

    Right-click the My Computer icon and select Manage. Under Local Users and Groups you can check the password of Administrator, and change it - when you installed Windows 2000 it asked you for a password. If you don't remember what that was, then getting around it could take a long time. [img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    You can also install TweakUI 2000 and remove the auto-login feature. From your description it sounds as though the password it's stuffing is incorrect and you're logging in anyway.

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