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    Duplicate calendar entries in shared folder

    I am using Outlook 2000 (SR1-not 1a)
    Despite Woody's misgivings (in Maximizing Outlook 2000), I find the concept of "Shared Folders" quite useful. And, in fact, my shared Contacts helps me keep current with my business partner and my office manager. BUT... when we share my office manager's Calendar I end up with duplicate entries all over the place... and as time goes on - about 4 days now - I end up with as many as six or seven copies of some holidays (like Easter, Mothers Day, etc.).
    Anyone know where all these duplicates are coming from, and/or why? And how can I kill the little nasties, since some days on my calendar are so full of duplicates I can't even see what day it is!!!
    Bless anyone who can help me out of this jungle!

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    Re: Duplicate calendar entries in shared folder

    they duplicate because when you share it's a two way street, delete all the holidays and add them to just one calendar. as long as the share doesn't need replaced, you should be ok.

    how is the share set up? one person should be sharing with the other two, rather than a round robin, where A shares with B and C and B shares with C. this helps to eliminate duplicates.

    Finally, try http://www.slipstick.comand search for calendar tools. I think there is a duplicate remover. (or it might be a duplicate contact remover [img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img])

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