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    Editing the Windows Livemail contact address book


    When editing or deleting any address in the contact folder in WLM, the index returns to the first entry. This is very frustrating, as I must then scroll back to the position in the alphabet where I just edited. Tedious! How can I delete an entry, and have the address book remain/return to where I was?



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    I think that happens because the change is causing Windows Live Mail to re-index the list. I've seen the same happen when managing other files. Do you have the same problem in the Windows Contacts Folder with the editing? The Windows Contacts Folder is located in C:\Users and your login name. I'd wonder if turning off Windows Explorer Indexing feature would help? Put Indexing in Windows Explorer Help.

    One other more serious point about your posting, NEVER post a valid E-Mail Address on an open forum unless you truly want a lot of SPAM which can include things to infect your computer. I'd strongly recommend you change your user name. If by posting the address you hope to get personal replies, don't, doing so defeats the purpose of forums in helping others.
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