Has anyone else experienced problems with VirtualBox version 4.3.14 (with that specific version)? During my monthly run of Secunia PSI, it alerted me to this new version (I was running 4.3.12), but when I install 4.3.14 it refused to run - it first complained about some DLLs that belonged to other apps and then gave an error message where the only option was to exit. I uninstalled 4.3.14 and reinstalled 4.3.12, and then things are almost back to normal - I lost the ability to run any VM that contained Windows 8, 8.1 or Server 2008 SR2; all the other VMs (XP, 7, Ubuntu) run just fine.

I can post more details on any of these issues, but am really just wondering if 4.3.14 is working for anyone else?

I'm running 64-bit Win 8 Pro with an Intel i7.