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    After attempting to download live essentials, Toshiba laptop C675-S7318 won't boot. Win7 64bit

    no error messages except when it attempts to recover from not being able to boot. that just says it is unable to fix the problem. I got in through DOS, found a setup file and started it through DOS. it then asked me which drivers I wanted to install so I went through the directories until it found something. with things like;
    ACPI x64-based PC (X:\windows\inf\hal.inf

    a lot of the files options show the same location (X:\windows\inf\machine.inf)

    I did not know this thing had an X: drive. I've only had it a month

    so some forums say that essentials is working for most systems, others say it doesn't. it really doesn't matter, mine is completely unusable. I had a boot repair disk for windows 7 which got me to their start street and options like restore, memory diagnostics, go to Command prompt, etc. nothing worked. thats when I went to dos to try and find my files and ended up where I am. I still need my files so I'm going to focus on that until I find a solution. I do not have a disk to set it back to factory specs. I do not think the system installed is what came form the factory originally. (It was given to me, used)

    So, if anyone has any insite for this issue, I would be grateful if you could share it.

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    You may be able to recover your files by booting from a Puppy Linux DVD.

    Cross your fingers and hope that the recovery partition is still intact then try this (while the laptop is off)

    1. Holding the "0" key, tap the power button

    2. When the machine starts beeping release the "0" key

    3. When prompted by the Warning screen select yes to continue with the system recovery

    4. Select Recovery of Factory Defaults Software and click next

    5. Select Recovery to out-of-box state and click next

    6. Click Next to start Recovery ....

    Hope this helps

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    Going by the specs, that machine did come with Win 7 http://laptops-and-notebooks.findthe...ite-C675-S7318

    If the Advanced Recovery options didn't work when you booted up with the Win 7 install disk and selected Repair your Computer, then I don't think they will work if you are able to get there by calimanco's suggestion, although the factory reset may.

    If you are using another computer to post then I would suggest you create a bootable Kaspersky Rescue Disk and have it scan C: - which will take a number of hours.

    You will need to wire up for it to negotiate an Internet connection so that it can update itself and after the scan may run a chkdsk /f.

    Can't remember now if you would need something like ImgBurn to create the bootable disk

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