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    Mystery Read-only (2000 SR1)

    I have a simple form and sub-form. When I try to add a record, in the sub-form, I get an error: "This property is read-only and can't be set."

    The sub-form can add a record all by itself (when not in the main form) and the query can too. The sub-form is properly linked to the main form (Parent-Child on common field). I just can't figure out what could be read-only (I've examined every property on every object, field, etc.).

    Please help... Thanks,

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    Re: Mystery Read-only (2000 SR1)

    One thing you might check on is whether you have indexes on both the table that drives the main form and the one the sub-form is trying to insert into. In general the field that you are using to link subform records to the main table should be indexed, and both tables should have a primary key. Other than that, we will probably need more details.

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