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    After Windows 8.1 Update Re-Start Sticks At UEFI

    For weeks I've thought my motherboard was dying, but now I suspect this is some Windows Update issue.

    I -think- after last months Tuesday patch, the following started happening:

    When I restart the machine, it sticks at the ASUS logo screen... where it says Press F2/Del to access UEFI setup. And it will sit there forever. Sometimes one of the red lights on the mobo will stay lit.

    In desperation, I starting smacking the power button. And... it booted to Windows. BUT it hadn't 're-started' it had come out of 'Sleep' mode with all apps alive.

    And I went through this dance several times until I noticed that it said there were several important updates to be installed in the lower right. So I accepted those updates and re-started. Same issue.

    Now, however, after I hit the power button when it sticks, there are two differences:
    1. It -always- says in yellow/lower right, 'Windows Installed Important Updates...'

    2. When it re-starts it really re-starts. It's no longer coming out of 'Sleep'

    Not a life-ending problem, but ANNOYING.

    I've done some simple Googling and noticed I'm not the only one with this issue, but I can't find a solution.


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    MS released the following patches in August and they caused chaos for many users.

    Uninstall KB2982791, which is the main culprit, then install its replacement, which you should get it automatically via Windows Update. If you have any of the other three, uninstall them as well.

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