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    Add date to a cell (Excel 2K)


    Thanks for the replies to my last question! They are both great and I will decide which to use..
    Now for another question:

    I want to know how to add a date to a cell by picking it from a calendar or list. The date would then be in the selected cell.
    I need to create a column of different dates using the European format (i.e. D/M/Y - 1/12/01).

    Thanks again!
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    Re: Add date to a cell (Excel 2K)

    Data | Validation could be the answer to your needs. Create a list of dates that you want your users to be able to select from, 'Custom' number formatted for 'dd/mm/yy'. Use 'List' for the 'Allow' field in the 'Data Validation' selection form select the range of dates you created. Finally, format the cell where the date will be displayed in 'dd/mm/yy' format as well. (Note that if your system default date is already in 'dd/mm/yy' format you should be able to bypass the custom formatting and simply use the usual short date format.)
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