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    Word 2013 in Sharepoint Online - using Managed MetaData Properties

    Has anyone worked out how to refer to managed meta data field values in a document within other field codes?

    For example we can do things like:
    { INCLUDEPICTURE "{ DOCPROPERTY LogoBase}{DOCPROPERTY BrandName}_LH.png" } to include a different logo depending on the selected brand if we use normal Doc Property fields, but if I use DOCPROPERTY on Managed Meta Data Fields all I get is blanks.

    I can insert a Quick Part in the document that refers to the Current Value of the Managed metadata field, and this shows the value properly but I cant find a way to do us this in the above context.

    Also has anyone worked out how to set the value of multiple metadata properties on a newly created document from a library. I can get the system to set the value of the first metadata field, but no others. For example on a Library I have the Project Number and Project Manager set as Meta Data Fields, with default values since these are known, but on document creation from the template in the library, only the Project Number gets set.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    I don't have sharepoint so I don't know how the 'managed metadata' is stored in the document but it is likely to be in an embedded custom xml file so you can use content controls to link to this data.

    You can download and use the Word Content Control Toolkit to link content controls to custom xml data.

    If you load a sample document here and specify what 'managed metadata' field you want to display in the document I can have a look using that tool to work out if it can be done.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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