Good morning all,
First I must say thank goodness I found this forum
from reading 8.1 for dummies (my new "bible"
I have an HP pavillipon g6 netbook that is 1 year old(win 8 preinstalled) and has had nothing but months of issues after updating to windows 8.1 that coincided with an hp forced bios flash some 9 mos ago. I recently received the machine back after an extensive visit back to HP for repair immediately folled by a lengthy stay at the Staples tech shop to fix what HP did not.
Staples returned the laptop to me goid as new until Windows updated (they set it up for auto update again and I didnt know at the time to avoid that)) I found myself back at square one and restored the machine to factory settings via HP oem recovery cds. I then researched via this site and the for dummies book how to prevent this from happening and changed the update settings per Woodys instructions. I also just upgraded to Win 8 pro and have my C drive (OS) encrypted with bitlocker. I carefully chose my security updates (only choosing those labeled security and were dated 8.12.14 and prior yet when I reboot after the 59 updates install the system stalls at 12% of the"configuring windows screen" and will not progress. I am certain I am not doing something correctly as I am a work in progress learning technology from books and the internet. Also I now have 2 recovery partitions with 1 hidden plus 4 others in addition to my C that I do not know what they are for ( partition info obtained via disk part.) Now I apologize for this huge post on a Mon morning as well as for any typis as I am forced to use my cell phone. lol
Additionally when I checked instalked updates history there are 6 listed from the day the original update took place while 8.1 was installed. That is so confusing to me because of my reset back to 8? If this post doesnt make sense I understand but any help info or advice is extremely appreciated and very much needed.