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    Angry Finding dialog offscreen bug

    This is a straight up bug that I think exists in all versions of office. I know I've seen it in 2003-2010 and it is really in my craw lately...

    When using
    1 multiple displays of varying resolutions
    2 the display is set so screen 2 top is lower than screen 1
    3 Office application (in at least Access and Excel) is on Screen 1 and VBA Editor window is on screen 2
    4 VBA Editor window has the focus / is active


    Doing a find (Ctrl+F) results in the find dialog appearing partially off-screen (title bar above the top of the screen in my case).

    Making this issue exceptionally annoying is that moving the find dialog box and closing it does NOT fix the position for opening later.

    Workarounds seem to be limited to the following...

    1 putting the 2 screens so they are aligned
    2 Using the universal offscreen trick to move the dialog back on screen (ALT + Space, M, any Cursor key <arrow keys>) and optionally followed by mousing to reposition on screen


    1 I'm not finding this issue because I want them aligned this way... I prefer the monitors positioned for my eyes
    2 Way too many steps for something that should just work

    Really what I want is Microsoft to fix it. It appears to me that the VBA Editor Window is not behaving as it's own application for reporting screen positioning but instead pulling information for the associated application window.

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    AFAIK Office 2013 is the first version designed to work with multiple monitors. Whether the VBE has been updated to work that way I can't say.

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