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    IE11 not responding under windows 7sp1

    I had this problem for about 6 months. It started out as a once in awhile problem, then became an every new boot first time starting IE11 problem. Last week the action center (windows 7 sp1, IE11) popped up with a message referring to problems/errors unreported. Suggested that I report to MS for solutions. I wasn't sure what this was about since I haven't denied error reporting in the past. Anyhow Action center came back with a message that MS needed more info to find solutions. When I took a look at what was being sent it was a 'dump' talking about my video driver. I have not had any issue with the ATI 4650 HD card when doing any gaming or other video intensive work. However I remembered a Windows Update referring to my ATI card. Normally I don't install drivers from MS Update, But this time since it set a restore point, I went ahead and installed it. No problems so far with IE11 and the 'stopped responding' issue. Its been about 5-6 days and pretty heavy IE usage. Windows 7sp1, IE-11, Core 2 Duo, 4 GBs ram, Asus P5L-MX, ATI 4650 HD video
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