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    A new Win 7 machine question

    I've got a 4 year old HP Pavilion Slimline s5414y pc with Windows Home Premium 64 bit version with 4GB Ram. It is still running fine but won't forever, I'm not enamored of the idea of getting a Win8 machine, so I went looking online and find I can buy a very nice HP machine with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit, more RAM, better processor and a much bigger hard drive directly from HP. I have been using my previous machine's hard drive as an external backup drive. But in thinking about this, and I may have been over-thinking it, I have a Toshiba 1 Terabyte external drive that I would like to use as my external backup for the new machine. But, there are programs, history on the old external drive that I'd like to retain and probably restore to the new machine. I can't restore selectively from an image and if I overlaid the new machine with an image made of my existing machine (which is up to date with everything), it seems like I would be putting a lot of clutter onto the new machine, or not? I'm thinking about files and folders that are on the old machine, .pdf files, manuals, paid for programs, like the pro version of MalwareBytes I use on the old one. I would want to transfer those to the new machine, which I've done before as I keep the license keys in separate storage.

    I'm thinking it might be easier to just restore the system image on the new machine, if I can even do that as it would be a different machine, which might save a lot of time in Windows updates alone. So I've sort of got myself tied in knots and am wondering what some of you might think is the best way to go about getting what I want from the old machine to the new machine safely. For instance, I've got a licensed copy of Office 2010 and would need to move it and I know Microsoft is sticky about having things on more than one pc, but it wouldn't be as I'd be recycling the old one - after wiping the hard drive of course. Ideas? Suggestions? Pitfalls? And thanks! :^) gene

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    I used this method on over a dozen PCs here at work to backup XP user files and programs to Win7.
    You didn't say what OS is on your 4 year old HP. I did have to install a windows update file to the Win7 to make it recognize the .bak files.
    But other then that it worked perfectly. I copied the entire harddrives from the old XPs to a folder on the Win7s.

    You may have to install some programs on your Win7 just to be sure that you have the right version (i.e. 32 bit vs t64 bit, etc.)
    Don't worry about Office 2010, as long as you have the authorization code just install it on the new one.
    Good Luck.

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