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    How to make the screen invisible? (Access 2000)

    how to make the screen invisible

    I have a function that closes delets the records,closes the form and then open another form.
    During this process all the forms in the database can be seen on the screen.Can i make them invisible to the user?
    I use the comand DoCmd.Echo False, but with no effect.Wy is this comand not working?
    So what i want is to make all the object in the databased as forms,reports etc invisible to the user.
    Can somebody help me?

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    Re: How to make the screen invisible? (Access 2000)

    A form has a Visible property that can be set to false or true.
    Do a loop through all open forms and set the visible to false to hide all of them, but the user will have only a gray screen and may be surprised and wondering what happens. Leaf at least one form visible with some message or progress meter.
    After your process, unhide the forms with a new loop to set the forms visible property to true.

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