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    Lots of logs in \ProgramData\debugout

    I am seeing a lot of disk activity at time when I would not expect much to be going on. While I know this is Windows (and so should not be surprised!), Resource Monitor tells me that a lot of it is writing to log files in C:\ProgramData\debugout. The largest file is debugout.hta, and at present I am seeing over 60 files occupying a total of about 60MB.

    The space does not worry me, but I wonder if somehow or when there has been some trace activity activated, and that is still on, causing lots of logging. It does not appear that every executable is being logged (fortunately!), but I can see no logic in the selection that does appear. Most of the logs have names like <executable>.log - for example, firefox.exe.log

    I'd be grateful if anyone can shed light on what is happening here. A Google search gave me nothing even close to being related to this. Thank you.

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    I don't have that directory on my W7 or W8 machines. Have you turned extra logging on?
    If it's not obvious you can use ProcessMonitor to see which program is opening the files.

    cheers, Paul

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    I recently reinstalled FF because I noticed Programs and Features still had v31 listed after updating to v32, but in the installation box before clicking on Install there is an Options button on the left.

    Among these options are Send info about this installation to FF and Install the FF background update service.

    I don't know if it could be either of these options that is causing the activity, but I unchecked those before proceeding with the Install and I don't have \ProgramData either.

    In Tools and ? you can view the Troubleshooting History/Crash Reports etc. so there could be further info in there.

    I suppose you could delete that debug file then uninstall/reinstall FF and uncheck those options and then see if you still have the HDD activity and if that file reappears - and as always, create a restore point before making any changes.

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    I'm very suspicious of this, the only search hit I see is from a DE antimalware topic where there appeared to be some malware loading from the C:\ProgramData folder.

    The helper there is also an active member of the anti-malware team at techsupportforum, I would start by carefully reading the Spyware first steps and following their advice.

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