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    Recommend "diff" tool for HTML?

    I'm looking for a diff tool that meets the following requirements:

    • Understands HTML and can identify differences in terms of HTML; for example, it can be configured to ignore differences in presentation (showing only differences in content).
    • Displays output as formatted HTML, not raw text.
    • Can compare all of the files in two directories (does not require a separate "open... compare" operation for each file).
    • Runs on a local machine (not as a web service). May run under Windows or OS X... ideally, both.
    • Free or reasonably inexpensive.

    Can anyone make a recommendation?

    I'm currently using HTML Match. It has the basic capability I need, but it doesn't compare directories, it only works under Windows, and its UI is rather clumsy.

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    BeyondCompare is a good file comparison utility and can display the HTML of compared files, but it does not distinguish between differences in presentation or content. That said, it can perform folder comparison as you require. It can also be downloaded and used, with all features, in trial mode.

    Although it may not be exactly what you are looking for, it may match most your requirements...

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