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    Windows mail app would not allow me to add Yahoo account. Work around?

    I put in my Email address and password but got a can not connect error message.

    So, I opened ''settings'' then ''accounts'' then ''add account'' in the Windows mail app but instead of adding the pre-set Yahoo account I went to ''other account'' , checked the IMAP box and typed in my Yahoo details, hey presto it went straight through.

    I'm not sure what is wrong with the pre-set yahoo account feature in the windows mail app but that's how I managed to get around it.

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    Good you got it fixed but always keep in mind the age of a program versus the age of a Web site, things change, what did work doesn't and what didn't work suddenly does. Windows Mail was the last E-Mail Client to come with Windows and it was with Vista. Win7 didn't include a client but many new computers did have Windows Essentials/Live Essentials in which was Windows Live Mail.

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    Basically true......but not 100% true.

    In Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 you will find a folder labeled "Windows Mail".

    But, in MS's infinite wisdom, they left it there however it's disabled.

    Replacing the msoe.dll file with the one from Vista, will reactivate it.

    I like Windows Mail, because it's almost identical to Outlook Express 6.0, that many of us used in Windows XP.

    I have Windows Mail running nicely on both my Windows 7 PC and my Windows 8.1 PC.

    Further more, I set it up for my old customers who are upgrading from Windows XP and don't want some weird and off the wall Email program.

    Cheers Mates,
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    Replacing the msoe.dll file with the one from Vista, will reactivate it.
    Nice tip....

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