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    2 column to grid layout

    I'm trying to take data from 2 columns to a grid layout - ie I have a list of tables and fields in each table. I want to produce a grid with fields down the left column and the tables across the top. I want to be able to see which reports share fields. I have tried the AND function to get a true/false if the table and field are both present and it's not working the way I thought it would. I Keep getting a FALSE when the first repeat field appears. Note - there are 2273 fields across 633 tables.

    For example

    Table1 ID
    Table1 Name
    Table2 address
    Table2 ID
    Table2 city

    I want to see
    ID Name Address City
    Table1 X X
    Table2 X X X

    What's the best function to use? Can I even do this automated?

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    Could a Pivot Table give the information you want?

    First highlight all data then on Ribbon create a Pivot table. Drag and Drop "Table" as rows and "Fields" as columns. Then place Fields as value
    In other words, put fields in twice. Hit finish. Only difference from above is the table will show " 1 " rather than " X "

    Good Luck

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    Are you saying that the 1st set is in rows and you want it in columns as shown in 2nd set?
    Attach file.

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